Spellbinders Glimmer Edge Flowers Hot Foil Plate & Die Set


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Give these sweet flowers a stunning accent of foil on their edges, veins and centers. This set of three plates includes two sizes of the five-petal flower and a leaf sprig. The seven thin metal dies cut those shapes, along with a blossom sprig, three tiny flowers, and two small leaves. Approximate Size: Plates: Large Flower: 1.90 x 1.80 in./4.80 x 4.60 cm Small Flower: 1.60 x 1.50 in./4.10 x 3.80 cm Leaf Sprig: 1.00 x 1.80 in./2.50 x 4.60 cm Dies: Large Flower: 1.80 x 1.80 in./4.60 x 4.60 cm Small Flower: 1.50 x 1.50 in./3.80 x 3.80 cm Leaf Sprig: 0.90 x 1.80 in./2.30 x 4.60 cm Blossom Sprig: 0.90 x 1.40 in./2.30 x 3.60 cm Blossom (3 pcs): from 0.40 x 0.45 in./1.00 x 1.10 cm to 0.62 x 0.60 in./1.60 x 1.50 cm Small Leaf (2 pcs): 1.20 x 0.50 in./3.00 x 1.30 cm